Tika Putri

Name: Tika Putri Hastari
Artis Name: Tika Putri
Place of date of birth : Jakarta, November 1, 1982
Nationality: Indonesia
Zodiac : Scorpio
Education : Bina Nusantara University
Hobbies: travelling, modern dance, & salsa.
Favorite Music: Fergie (big girls don’t cry), tortured soul, jamiroquai, & seven day.

Tika Putri name became popular in the ear of Indonesian society, as he managed to portray the characters in the film si Jago Merah. In the film, he was paired with several other famous artists such as Ringgo etc.From the film, more and more involved in the bid for her Indonesian entertainment world. One of the sitcom that is also present Tika Coffe Bean Show. Thanks to his role in the sitcom, Tika can be considered as one of the versatile artist.

Tika PutriTika Putri

Photo Tika Putri

Tika Putri Hastari or her nicknamed Tika Putri started her career in film started with a friend’s invitation to attend the casting.

The art world seem familiar to this girl.Tika Putri was born in Bandung, November,1st 1989, since a child’s world to cultivate the art of dance. Tika proficient in modern dance and salsa.

As one of Indonesia’s young stars on the rise, bikini photos of this Tika Putri cash just become a public concern because the artist cast in the film Jagad X Code is included Indonesian artist who has a beautiful face. Some people even surprise, it Tika also has a sexy body. Naturally, if the artist who was born in Bandung, 1 November 1989.She has a sexy body, because She was fond of and good at dancing salsa.


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