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Nagita Slavina

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Nagita Slavina

Nagita Slavina Mariana Tengker or known by the name Nagita Slavina is a model, soap opera actress, and movie stars of Indonesia.

The girl who nicknamed Gigi was born in Jakarta, February 17, 1988. Gigi is the eldest of two brothers pair Tengker Gideon (old wing blues guitarist, Drakhma) and Rita Amilia (soap opera actress who is now a producer).

Gigi are now studying at the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia.

Her career in the entertainment world began with advertisements starring Anti Biore facial cleanser products Acne in 2000. Since then, Gigi first soap opera starring INEM SI PELAYAN SLEBOR.

Her name became famous since starring in the movie DISINI ADA SETAN who eventually was appointed to the patron with the same title. Since then, many soap opera that starred, but on average, girls bleed Java, Manado, Padang and always portray the character of childish innocent girls who look foolish.

Gigi had been nominated in the Indonesian Film Festival 2005 for best female lead as the main FTV TIKUS DAN KUCING MENCARI CINTA.

Besides acting, Gigi was also asked to become co-executive producer for her mama’s house production, which produces a lot of soap operas and television.

Nadine Chandrawinata

Nadine Chandrawinata is Putri Indonesia 2005 the messenger of the province of DKI Jakarta. Nadine chance to represent Indonesia in Miss Universe 2006 held at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, United States and won the second prize for Best National Culture and Princess Friendship.

While following the Miss Universe, the woman born of an Indonesian father and German mother, wearing a traditional dress the style of Ratu Kencono Wungu or Tribhuwana Wijayatungga. Unfortunately, beautiful appearance was offset by the ability of English.

During an interview with jury, Nadine answer the jury questions with a stammer and often deviated from the context of the question. Particularly fatal errors in pronunciation as a city beautiful Indonesian (Indonesian Is Beautiful City) in an interview in English.

Apart from the problem of ‘slip’, the film stars REALITA, CINTA DAN ROCK’N ROLL (2006) had been demonstrated Mujahidah (FPI members) to the Jakarta Police on July 19, 2006. Nadine was accused of violating of the Criminal Code 281 KUHP of decency in her participation in Miss Universe 2006′s.

Owner height 174 cm who are also sisters soap opera star Chandrawinata twins Marcel and Mischa is still listed as a student of London School.

Nadine is now busy with her new hobby as a diver and it work the protection of coral reefs in Indonesia.

Nadine showed her talent acting again through her latest film in 2009. She played in her first horror film MATI SURI, by director Rizal Mantovani.

Presenter of music MANTAP events is not only wrestle showbiz. Nadine began to glance at the business world. She is currently building a salon, where in the salon that she would later put the accessory product.

In addition to diving and the campaigning for the protection of marine life and coral reefs, Nadine also has a hobby of adventure. April 2010, Nadine launched a book entitled EYEWINESS TRAVEL: TOP 10 in the Buddha Bar, Menteng, Central Jakarta. This book tells her backpacking journey in several countries.

With the thin financial condition, along with nine friends desperate Nadine walk in India and Nepal while backpacking. This experience makes this beautiful virgin addiction. Nadine plans to climb the Himalayan mountain for the first time. Various preparations have been done, especially regarding the importance of mental and physical readiness.


Nadila Ernesta

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Nadila Ernesta

Nadila Ernesta is an actress of Indonesia. Her first acting through a geeky role in the soap opera INIKAH RASANYA (2004). Next followed the soap opera MANUSIA BERSISIK, ALLAH MAHA BESAR, RAHASIA ILAHI and TAKDIR ILAHI.

Stars born in Jakarta, February 4, 1988, the next to try her acting on the big screen by starring in MIRACLE (2007) and HANTU JEMBATAN ANCOL (2008). Followed themed horror film, KERETA HANTU MANGGARAI.

Now the couple’s daughter Jessi Hamid and Irine Iknata Imelda Hamid these lectures on the campus of Indonesian Fashion Institute of Science, but still starred in several soap operas and movies. She hopes the knowledge gained could be venture capital to open a boutique that had long aspired.

In her personal life movie star HANTU RUMAH AMPERA who likes to dress sexy in a relationship with fellow artist. The difference is only in his profession, the drummer for Netral Band, Eno.

But unfortunately, the artist who won the Best Asian Super Model 2011 in the arena Asia Model Festival 2011 in Seoul, Korea should accept the bitter truth when it should end its relationship with Eno at the end of January 2011 then. Reason two is the difference principle, and no relationship with third person.

Nadila decided to focus on her job and wanted a career in the international world.


Nadia Vega

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Nadia Vega


Nadia Vega fondly called by name Vega, was born in Pekanbaru, December 12, 1987. She is known as a singer, soap opera star and movie star.

Among the soap opera that starred covers ABC&D, INIKAH RASANYA, CINTA TERBAGI LIMA, CINTA SERATUS HARI, and others. As for FTV, Vega has starred in JOMBLO OH NO and CINTA SANG PENCENAYANG.

In addition Nadia has also starred in feature films, LEAK (2007) and INIKAH RASANYA CINTA.

In 2001, Nadia wrestle world of singing and released an album ARTI PERSAHABATAN (2001-Virgo), Do not Ask, Planet Musik Indonesia and Leak (2007). In addition it also also been brought to the soap opera sountrack song PAPAKU KEREN-KEREN, INIKAH RASANYA, BIDADARI and film PLANET MARS (2008).


Nadia Saphira

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Nadia Saphira

Nadia Saphira, was born in Jakarta, October 20, 1987. Her name began to be known when starring in a movie directed by Hanung Bramantyo, JOMBLO (2006), which then deliver herself starred in many soap operas and the big screen.

Nadia is now listed as a student of Universitas Pelita Harapan, it is also one of the big screen movie stars, COKLAT STROBERI with Marsha Timothy, Nino Fernandez and Mario Merdhithia. In addition has also starred in the soap opera version of the series JOMBLO and soap operas ADA APA DENGAN CINTA.

Women who claim to want to get married at the age of 25 years, also supports a number of successful soap operas, which include the serial LIONTIN and IMPIAN CINDERELLA.


Nabila Syakieb

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Nabila Syakieb

Nabila Syakieb is one of a series of soap opera young stars whose names begin known when starring in the soap opera CINTA SMU as Putri with Faisal.

Arab Women’s bloody birth of Bogor, 18 November 1985 is increasingly known when starring in ANAKKU BUKAN ANAKKU who starred with Roger Danuarta.

Nabila know the world of entertainment while still a model, and tried to follow the casting CINTA SMU when she was 16 years.

Nabila beautiful face has also appeared in several ads like PopMie, McDonald, Son-C, and cosmetics teenage PUTRI. Nabila is currently still listed as a student Paramadina University, Jakarta.

Despite being well-known artist, who loved these meatballs food upheld the principle in a career in the entertainment world. One of the principles Ihza Mahendra Yuri lover is that she does not want to do intimate scenes such as kissing or cuddling with co-star.

Often the owner of this Scorpio zodiac appeared in various soap operas led to an offer to play on the big screen. In 2009, Nabila with Ashraff Sinclair appeared in the horror film debut, THE REALPOCONG.


Irish Bella

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Irish Bella

Irish Bella face only usually appear on television screens, this time face sweet girl that born 23 April 1996 can be viewed in widescreen movie aliases. No half-hearted, in the first film, entitled Heart 2 Heart, Irish get the lead role with Wulan Guritno and Arumi as an opponent.

Irish recognized that her involvement in film Starvision production began when she was living in Bandung. “So initially I was more for fun trip to the mall in Bandung, suddenly there are agency people who asked for follow-up casting me,” said the girl who currently sits in third grade junior high school. “I was still scared because I’m can not act, but mama said just try, while there is a chance,” she added.

From an agency that managed Irish to attract a production house in Jakarta. She also signed an exclusive and play in a soap opera. To support her career, Irish decided to move to Jakarta. Offers to star in an ad more to arrive, Irish also took the opportunity, until finally an offer to play in the film Heart 2 Heart came to her.

Not easy for Irish to play in the first film by acting as a blind and mute girl. Moreover, with co-star Wulan Guritno and Arumi. “I’m definitely really nervous, I was the first film, but the direct role of the weight can be blind and dumb. So I got tough direct observation of people who are blind and watch movies that tell a blind person, “said Irish who made the inception of this as her favorite movie.

With her experience of Irish film even more sure with herself for a career in acting. Although as a consequence she should run her education with homeschooling. “Because I already busy filming so began homeschooling it let me had not miss the lesson. I actually still preferably regular schools, many apartment. But this is already the consequences anyway, “said Irish shut conversation at cinemaplex21.


Mulan Kwok

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Mulan Jameela

Wulansari at the beginning of its appearance with Ratu is known as Mulan Kwok or Mulan Ratu. After leaving Ratu, Mulan joined the Republic Cinta Artist Management (RCMA) is commanded by Ahmad Dhani, Maia Estianty husband. Mulan Kwok was turned into Mulan Jameela.

Debut album was released in early 2008 and brought the song of MAKHLUK TUHAN PALING SEXY.

Mulan name skyrocketed when joined with Ratu in April 2005, before Mulan often singing in a cafe (Bandung and Jakarta). Mulan replaced Pinkan Mambo is out of the Ratu at the end of 2004.

Mulan is a distinctive voice and it seem sexy makes Ratu fans quickly accepted. Unfortunately after collaborating in 2 albums with Ratu frontman, Maia Estianty, Mulan declared out in early 2007. Conflict Mulan – Maia triggered by a disproportionate Mulan fees and management changes that were considered less open.

Mulan is not even 20 years old, married to Harry Nugraha, in 1999. They met at a cafe Swarakustik affiliated with the band. Harry was the bass player vocalist Mulan. Unfortunately the marriage that has produced two children, Tyarani Savitri and Muhammad Rafly Aziz aground in 2005.

Singer song WONDER WOMAN and JATUH CINTA LAGI is not only a career in singing. She also played soap operas and movies. MAa€™AF SAYA MENGHAMILI ISTRI ANDA in 2007 was one film that also starred by her.

In February 2009, the name of Mulan had again become a hot topic. Together with Ahmad Dhani, she became the top keywords on the internet.

Mulan begin enjoying the world of business. Feeling confident. She also took a more experienced Dhani. They choose to do business furniture gallery in the Kemang area, South Jakarta.

If during the singer’s personal life CINTA MATI II is widely associated with Dhani, maybe after this she can be more calm. The reason this time she was a special relationship with someone from among the non-celebrity. Mulan did not dismiss the fact if she wants immediate end to the status of her widow.


Mirasih Tyas Endah

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Mirasih Tyas Endah

Mirasih Tyas Endah also known by the name of Tyas Mirasih, is a model and soap opera star. Her career started when named as a finalist Cover Girl 2002, and several times chance to appear as a model a number of magazines.

Tyas who was born in Jakarta, 8 April 1987, has appeared as a model of video for DEMI WAKTU and SEPERTI YANG DULU to the band Ungu. Followed then property song Baim, SEPERTI YANG KUMAU and CINTAI AKU LAGI sung by Sania.

Tyas also known as soap opera star. Soap opera titled TEMAN TAPI MESRA, SEPATU KACA and CINTA ITU NGGA BUTA, among the titles that have starred.

While related to love life, Tyas had a relationship with Lembu, the band Clubeighties A vocalist. They dated for 4.5 years, but when it reportedly about to get engaged instead dispersal.

Javanese-Dutch ancestry girl also had a relationship with soap star, Raffi Ahmad. But their relationship only lasted a few months and ended in separation.

Tyas referred to as the third person behind the dissolution of the film star Nia Ramadhani relationship with Bams Samson vocalist. This story is strengthened by their love story is now live.

Tyas also accused a third party sever ties between Rianti Cartwright and her lover, Banyu Biru, after the photos Tyas and Banyu that intimate concert when circulating in early October 2008.

Often dubbed as the ‘Playgirl’ have time to make ‘hot’ ears. But finally, Tyas who want to publish the man who had stolen her heart. Tyas choose Tria, lead singer of The Changcuters to become her lover. Tyas and Tria first met on the set of the movie TARIX Jabrix.

Not only the acting and the model that was involved by Tyas, she also finally penetrated the world of the presenter. Together with Cathy Sharon, her face often greet viewers through the show Playlist on SCTV.

Together with artist Tamara Bleszynski, Tyas look sexy in the movie AIR TERJUN PENGANTIN (2009). In the film production of Maxima, Tyas appeared with a bandage bikini two pieces. Even in this film, though she dared to appear topless pictures taken from behind.


Mikha Tambayong

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Mikha Tambayong

Started her career as a model at a young age, Moudy Mikha Tambayong then tested the role of the art world.

The first time she jump in the world of modeling, the actress who was born in Jakarta, 15 September 1994, by following the selection of the model in a magazine in 2008.

Although not a winner, but through that event, her name began to be known people. And her name began to soar when elected one of the players in the soap opera KEPOMPONG.

Mikha is also nephew of singer Harvey Malaiholo, finally followed her uncle’s footsteps. Mikha started up a career in singing. She released her debut single, CINTA PERTAMA, also to be a soundtrack of KEPOMPONG soap opera.

Not only issued a single, virgin Manado descent who now attend at high school Morning Star Academy grade 1, plans to release debut album a nuanced R & B in December .


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